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Accelerating Asia works with a diverse network of investors in supporting our portfolio of fast-growing, dynamic startups.

Investment Thesis

From Singapore, we invest in pre-Series A startups from the world’s fastest growing economies in Asia that can thrive across global markets. We seek startups that are building scalable sustainable business and creating positive impact.

To generate quality deal flow, gain access to the best startups, deliver portfolio support, and lower the investment risk, we run our flagship program. When we invest, we provide a network of Entrepreneurs in Residence, mentors, investors and expertise designed to generate revenue, increase valuations and improve startup and investor outcomes.

We’re in it for the long haul, investing in 20+ startups across industries annually at an early stage, injecting further investment into top performers, ensuring a capital efficient fund.

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The Investors We Work With

Join us in backing the region's best startups

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