Improving deal flow as an angel investor


Scale up your Angel Investing

Become a limited partner at Accelerating Asia to access pre-qualified deals and early stage startups.

Headquartered out of Singapore and fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Accelerating Asia is an early stage VC accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. We work with angel investors of all kinds, including corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, exited founders, and even angel syndicates.

By investing into our early stage startups, these limited partners gain several significant advantages, all of which contribute to dramatically lowering investment risk.

Key Benefits

Improve your access to winners

i.e. the top ten percent of startups - the other 90% fail

There’s only so much you can do on your own. At Accelerating Asia, we see more than 1000 startup applications per year, which we vet down to a handful of high growth, super promising startups that we invest in. By joining us as a limited partner, you get to back these ventures, too. 

Investing with us reduces the chances of you losing money and diversifies your angel portfolio across multiple attributes. Our portfolio is varied in geography (we have startups as far west as Bangladesh and as far east as the Philippines), industry (we’re broadly represented across more than 20 verticals - from advertising and agritech to SaaS and social commerce), and founders (40% of our founders are women). This diversity increases your odds of backing unicorns and other startups likely to exit via acquisition or IPO.

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Overview Half Arc Right ElementOverview Partner Program

Focus on investing, not paperwork

As an angel investor, your mission is right there in your name: You want to invest. You want the bulk of your time to be spent on deploying capital to the right organizations. You don’t want, on the other hand, all the headaches that are a necessary evil to this process. 

These cumbersome requirements would include things like due diligence, compliance, condition precedents, and portfolio management. Since our LPs also often make direct investments into the top portfolio performers or startups in a vertical of interest, we take the hassle out of this paperwork, too - by supporting you with what you need done for your own  SAFE investment. This way, there is no opportunity cost when it comes to investing. With us, there’s only opportunity.

Bring value beyond money

There are a million different companies where you can invest your money. Ultimately, you want to invest in organizations where you can bring more than just your capital to the table. At Accelerating Asia, there are numerous opportunities to provide this greater value, beginning from the start of the investment process. 

We give all our angel investors the opportunity to review and evaluate startups during our selection process and official selection week, mentor founders in our portfolio, and provide strategic advice rooted in your experience and expertise. By sharing your unique skills and abilities, you can get both a return on investment as well as something arguably more valuable: fulfillment.

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Why just settle for being an angel when you can Accelerate Asia?

Access pre-qualified deals and early stage startups through Accelerating Asia.