Diversifying your investments as a family office


Succeed in the tech world as family office

Diversify your interests and get started in tech investing by investing alongside Accelerating Asia.

Headquartered out of Singapore and fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Accelerating Asia is an early stage VC accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. 

We regularly work with all kinds of family offices, including both single-family and multi-family offices. Many of the family offices we meet are used to making more traditional investments, such as the stock market or real estate, and have never invested into the startup and tech ecosystem. 

By partnering with Accelerating Asia, you can gain access to top startups in the region, along with the domain expertise needed to pick only the very best of them, so you can minimize your investment risk. 

Key Benefits

Meet only the best

When family offices venture into tech, they are often flooded with inquiries from founders. This scenario is operationally difficult, especially when startups represent just one of many different verticals and sectors. 

Rather than open Pandora’s box, Accelerating Asia can be your curator, bringing you elite startups from across Asia Pacific. That our startups represent the very best is not just our opinion, but mathematical fact: From a pool of over 1000 applications every year, we put founders through several rounds of interviews to arrive at a tiny fraction of investments, representing a selectivity rate of 1.5% (If Accelerating Asia was a university, we would be the most selective in the world, even more so than Harvard).

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Overview Half Arc Right ElementOverview Partner Program

Influence decision-making

When you invest in any tech fund, the check size is significant. It’s understandable that you would want a say in how your money is used. Unfortunately, many venture capital firms keep the family offices they partner with at arm’s length, giving them little insight or influence on how startups are selected. 

Accelerating Asia takes a markedly different approach. We actively welcome our family offices to be a part of our selection process, during our official selection week. Here you are presented with the handful of startups that have passed several rounds, and you can provide your inputs and opinions on the startups up for investment. We seek out your expertise, in other words, so we can make even better investment decisions together.

Improve qualified deal flow

In the course of investing into our fund or sitting on our investment committee, you may encounter startups you want to invest more into. These startups may be especially promising, relevant to the focus of your family office, or even have synergies with other investments you’ve made.

In these instances, we’ll happily serve as your bridge, facilitating warm introductions between your team and the startup founders. You can then negotiate directly with them on the terms of your follow-up investment. In this way, Accelerating Asia can act as a major channel for your deal flow, one that will bring you startups that have financial or strategic alignment with your family office.

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Turn tech into another key pillar of your family office

Invest alongside Accelerating Asia, so we can bring you the hottest startups in the region