Get a head start on the future of Asia Pacific
Access the Guide on Accelerating Asia Ventures’ Cohort 9


Dive Deep Into Asia's Most Promising Startups

Accelerating Asia Ventures is proud to present a guide on Cohort 9. Specifically designed for discerning investors, this guide provides key details about each startup as well as the overall cohort as a whole.

Because these startups represent high-traction investment opportunities, pre-qualified deal flow, and the chance to drive social impact alongside financial returns, this guide serves as your compass to informed, purpose-driven investing in this exciting Asia Pacific region.

Cohort 9 Guide

Our digital booklet showcases the top 8 startups of Cohort 9. The booklet documents their impressive market traction, financial metrics, and other growth figures that document their journey to becoming market leaders in their respective spaces. Investors should download their copy to learn more about these great startups.

Key Benefits

Access Investment Opportunities into High Growth Startups

Each startup in Cohort 9 exhibits significant market traction, boasting impressive monthly revenues and gross merchandise values. By downloading this guide, you’ll get insights into these dynamic businesses and understand why they've been successful in growing their business and fundraising despite an overall economic and funding downturn. Arm yourself with a list of high-potential investment opportunities and stay ahead in the game.

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Overview Half Arc Right ElementOverview Partner Program

Access Pre-Qualified Deal Flow

With a selection rate of less than 2%, Accelerating Asia Ventures’ Cohort 9 comprises some of the highest quality startups in the region. Our careful curation ensures that you're looking at the best possible investment opportunities. This guide serves as a pre-qualified deal flow source for your investment portfolio, saving you the time and effort of sifting through countless startups.

Create Social Impact Alongside Financial Return

Cohort 9's startups resonate with Accelerating Asia Ventures’ firm commitment to impactful investing. Each startup has been specifically chosen for its measurable contributions to critical areas such as job creation, gender equality, and the empowerment of marginalized groups including small business owners and farmers. By downloading this guide and considering investments in these startups, you stand to earn more than just financial returns. You'll be aligning your portfolio with enterprises that are driving positive change and fostering inclusivity.

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Get a head start on the future of Asia Pacific

Explore Cohort 9's promising startups in detail. Make data-driven investment decisions that generate both financial and societal returns.