Introducing Jennifer Villalobos: Angel Investor & Mentor

Angel Investing
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Jennifer Villalobos
Angel Investor, Mentor

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I recently moved to BKK to head up Prudential Thailand’s Digital and Technology Office. This is a newly created role that combines core tech and digital under one roof; which means that I get to align my platforms to drive the Life Assurance business

What are some significant trends in your industry at the moment?

Disruption from fintech is starting to dwindle. The reality is that you still require the assets, the vertical knowledge and the capital to make a growing life assurance business. Incumbents are learning fast from digital innovation thanks to the warp speed developments coming out of China. Thanks to players like Zhong An in my space; traditional insurers have made some great strides rethinking the future of insurance and gained access to an audience pool that they would have never dreamed of.

What are some of the ways you are involved in the startup community?

Currently, we invest directly as an LP with Accelerating Asia but I started mentoring and coaching female founders since 2015, The inspiration I would get from seeing these amazing women from across the region shine made me become more disciplined and involved,

Can you tell us about your investor journey - why did you start investing in startups?

I wanted to pay it forward. Being an innovator at heart I have had the chance to work for digital companies that are pioneers in the space. So I wanted to create a legitimate portfolio for the future but also see others rise and be successful for the greater good.  I quickly learned that the real magic happens when you bring together: funding, tech and a passionate Founder.

Any advice for people wanting to become more actively involved as angel investors?

You need to get in the weeds: coach. Mentor, get involved. Then you can decide to invest or not. There are many syndicated networks and options out there. My advice is to join one that allows you to coach and mentor so you know what you are helping bring to life.

As an angel, why did you decide to invest in an accelerator/VC model?

I believe in the vision Amra and Craig have built for the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia that I am confident in the quality and calibre of the cohorts up to date. I also invest directly in a few startups. Generally the ones with amazing Founders who believe in what they are doing and are solving big problems for the world.

If you’re interested in investing alongside us, mentoring with us or just generally interested in talking to us about startup investing, please reach out to us via email.

Angel Investing

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