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Vertical: Education

Market: Indonesia


Fundraising: $500K

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Get to know the CEO and co-founder of Lister, Sigit Arifianto, as he shares how he enables Indonesians to gain access to career and study abroad through Lister's online learning platform.

Lister is a language learning platform that allows users to learn international languages. In one click, users can set their objectives and take our placement test, and get a personalized study plan. Lister then suggests the highly qualified tutor and time slot that best fits your needs.

What problem is Lister solving?

Every year, over 50 million Indonesian adults lose their career and study opportunities due to language barriers. The current solution is expensive and inaccessible for most Indonesians, so we created Lister to provide a product that is accessible and affordable for everyone.

What products does Lister offer?

We offer classes and programs, including test preparation and foreign language programs. Our solution helps our users achieve their study goals in just one-third of the time and half the course of traditional courses.

lister indonesia student studying
Source: Lister

Why did you decide to founder Lister?

I have a personal connection to this question. When I took a sabbatical to teach in Papua for a year, I fell in love with education and found the purpose of my life in helping others grow through education. Then I saw the impact of the language barrier firsthand and its effect on people's lives, and I realized the scale of the problem. So I was determined to find a solution that makes language learning accessible and affordable for everyone. With Berta, my co-founder, that experience inspired us to build Lister.

Who is your founding team, and what are your professional backgrounds?

My founding team includes me with a background in marketing, technology, business development, and marketing, and my co-founder, Berta, is a language learning expert with International teaching experience in various countries. Me and Berta have a mutual connection that makes us realize we share the same passion for education, so we joined forces to create Lister together.

Why is your team uniquely positioned to grow and deliver the solution?

Our team is uniquely positioned to grow and deliver the solution because of the combination of our skills: I'm an expert in marketing and technology, and Berta has skills in education and product. The combination of skills makes us the perfect team to deliver a good product to our users.

sigit arifianto pitching for Lister Indonesia during Accelerating Asia retreat

What countries do you currently operate in? What is your market reach?

Lister primarily focuses on the Indonesian market, serving Indonesian language learners. However, our product is built with scalability that can adapt to other markets. 

What is the current market and its potential?

We focus on Indonesia now because the education industry there is huge—approximately $7.6 billion annually. Our goal is to become the market leader in Indonesia and then expand internationally.

What is your business model?

Our business model is on demand, which allows our users to choose their program and session specific to their needs.

What is your current traction to date?

Standing at one million dollars annually in total, our current money revenue is $52,000, and we are aiming for 300,000 in monthly revenue by the end of the year.

Is Lister currently fundraising, and if so, how much?

We are raising $500k to accelerate our growth and enhance our technology, so we have already closed 30% of this and expect to close it out by the end of July. We are so excited to bring on board a potential investor who can bring growth to our startup.

interview with Sigit Arifianto CEO & Co-founder of Lister Indonesia

‍Where can our audience learn more about Lister?

To learn more about Lister, you can visit our website at https://lister.co.id/ and follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lister.co.id/.

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