7 Reasons to Join Accelerating Asia’s Flagship Program

Angel Investing
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Growing your own startup can be an exciting adventure, especially when you have a bold vision. However, a startup in its early stages needs a village and requires founders to do a lot with very little resources. 

We often get asked - as a founder - why should I join an accelerator? It can be a hard question to answer because every startup and founder is different. 

But ultimately, as a team, we’re focused on 10Xing startups and providing 360° support so your startup will be more stable and less likely to fail. Grow faster. Raise money. Lower the risk for investors so you can close that investment round faster. 

Here are the 7 things you should expect when you join our cohort and portfolio:

Accelerating Asia team

The Accelerating Asia team has offered consistent support to enable you to devote your energy to your key targets. Our project manager will guide you through the onboarding processes and support you with setting up your company incorporation so you can get the paperwork out of the way and be ready to bring on other investors - angels and venture capitalists—who will also expect the same requirements. 

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence, Craig and Alex, are there to help you with growth hacking, business operation specifics, and investment advice - more on that below.

“Accelerating Asia is a door to Southeast Asia. This for me is one of the biggest opportunities for any startup in the world now in terms of the growth of the region, but also in terms of all the funding that is been deployed to Singapore and South East Asia, especially into early stage startups.” Carlos Lopez, Numu

Entrepreneur in Residence Sessions

Our portfolio companies are recognised as the best pre-Series A startups in the region, and we give credit to our Entrepreneurs in Residence and their tedious mentorship process. 

Our growth jam sessions are led by Alex, with a specialty in growth hacking, who focuses on achieving targeted growth in operational, financial, and entrepreneurial aspects. Founders are also invited to masterclasses on subjects including marketing, fundraising, and business expansion.

“It was really transformational for us. The 1-1 meetings and advice sessions were very helpful - deep dives on looking into our product, our metrics, and creating our customer flow journey. It’s like having another member on the team.” - Michael Jiang, Fitscovery

More introductions to qualified investors

Cohort participants are open to networking with over 20 investors and limited partners to pitch their startups and build relationships along the way. We organize various networking events to give you a chance to share insights and negotiate.

We connect our companies to active and qualified angel investors - who can write a quick cheque up front and VCs to build those relationships early. 

One of our alumni’s favorite sessions is the VC Pitch Night where startups are given a time to present in front of our partner investors (Sequoia, Cocoon Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, Monk’s Hill and more) and  receive valuable feedback from actual VCs.  

"Joining Accelerating Asia is a huge vote of confidence as it doesn’t just invest money but also opens up their high-quality network of investors, mentors, and experts to us." Gwen Delhumeau, Ellegra

Wide network support

Startups have access to Accelerating Asia’s exclusive network of mentors, alumni startups, resources, and PR specialists–everything you need to equip you in crafting your product and raising your target funds. 

Our mentors come from big tech companies such as Grab, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Plus corporates, finance, and government professionals to help you on your startup growth journey. These mentors are experts in their field with a deep knowledge of their area or are founders with exits. 

Then there’s our pool of Mentors who are Founders themselves - many with successful exits. This includes Mentors from B2B and B2C across a range of verticals. These founders are there to act as someone in the know who as a Founder has been in your place and succeeded or failed - either way you can access their combined brains trust.  

“The highlight was the people we met - the Accelerating Asia team and the other founders in our cohort. Being a founder can be lonely. It was great to be around other founders who share similar ambitions, problems and tastes in hamburgers.” Jonathan Chua, BeamAndGo

Proven track record of raising investments 

Of our portfolio of over 50 companies  100% of the participants raised investments. You can be assured that you’re working with the right people and we’re raising the funds you need for your startup.

TransTRACK.ID closed a $500k investment from Cocoon Capital, the Indonesian Women Empowerment Fund (IWEF) operated by Moonshot Ventures and YCAB during the Accelerating Asia program. Another startup is Panalyt where our investors Wavemaker and Will Group invested.

“We raised more money in the past two months with Accelerating Asia’s support and network than in the past four years.” - Archer Chiang, Giftpack

Relationships and collaboration with your cohort and alumni

Joining our cohort strengthens your desire and boosts your confidence as you take on this journey with your startup peers. You’ll hear stories from our Accelerating Asia alumni and can also get to interview them on how they made it. If you’re looking for a lawyer or need to know how to build a growth team or hire a remote tech team - there’s someone in the portfolio who has just done it and can help you with the access and information you need. 

“Everyone was so helpful even before we became very good friends and now I have good friendships with each and everyone here and this is going to be taken for a lifetime.” - Arasi Arul, 60Plus India

Ongoing support post-cohort 

The Accelerating Asia team holds alumni growth sessions for network opportunities, knowledge sharing, and getting guidance on technical topics with AWS solution architects.  

In times of financial and PR crisis, our lines are available for you to schedule 1-1 meetings with Craig, our Founder. 

This obviously isn’t all that we do but these are the top reasons our alumni founders recommend us and reasons why they join the cohort. In addition to all this there’s the perks and free credits/tools to AWS, Microsoft, Google, Strip, Aspire, Zendesk, Hubspot and more.  There’s the access to our marketing team to share your news, updates and information, and Demo Day pitches, which are yours to showcase to investors. Plus plenty more things - but we can’t give it all away at once! 

Ready to be the next startup unicorn? Apply for Accelerating Asia’s Flagship Program.

Angel Investing

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Accelerating Asia invests in startups with scalable technology solutions and revenue generating business models that combine purpose with profit.


In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of startups and the terms of the investment including the merits and risks involved. Prospective investors should not construe this content as legal, tax, investment, financial or accounting advice.