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Partner with Accelerating Asia, so you can access a new geographic area, find startups earlier, or gain another strategic advantage.

Headquartered out of Singapore and fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Accelerating Asia is an early stage VC accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. We work with venture capital firms, who either invest in select portfolio startups or alongside us as a limited partner. 

By partnering with Accelerating Asia, these venture capital firms gain several significant advantages, all of which contribute to dramatically lowering your investment risk.

Key Benefits

Access a new geographic area

The startup and tech ecosystem is large - perhaps larger than any single venture capital firm can realistically cover on its own. Accelerating Asia can expand your geographic reach. As our accelerator’s coverage is the entire Asia Pacific, we have made investments in Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Oceania.

But our reach is even more diverse than these regions would indicate. Within each of those areas, we do not only invest in startups headquartered out of business hubs like Singapore and  Hong Kong. We give special attention to emerging ecosystems, such as the Philippines and Indonesia in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh in South Asia. We can provide you with pre-qualified deal flow from these innovation hotbeds. By working with Accelerating Asia, you increase your geographic footprint, and more importantly, your chances of locating winners.

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Overview Half Arc Right ElementOverview Partner Program

Meet winners earlier into the startup lifecycle

As a venture capital firm, you may occasionally chance into a startup that you wish you could have invested into earlier. Unfortunately, nearly all of the startups you encounter in your dealflow are later stage, where the ticket sizes may be larger but the investment stakes may be smaller. 

We can help you find the sure winners sooner, giving you access to our network of fifty portfolio companies and counting. These companies are early stage, but they have gained significantly noteworthy traction, enough to distinguish them from the over 1000 other startups who apply to Accelerating Asia every year. Through us, you can discover hidden gems: Our limited partners get early access to the portfolio, new investment rounds, and private rounds, all before they are made public.

Find startups that align with your thesis

You may have no trouble finding startups that are worth investing into. The challenge is finding later stage, investable startups that align with your venture capital firm’s specific thesis. Your venture capital firm may be built around a particular sector or technology, and locating startups innovating in this area may be difficult. 

To make this task easier, we can facilitate qualified, thesis-relevant dealflow in one of two ways. The first is in our selection process: During the application process, we give you access to incoming deals for potential startups, even outside those who we ultimately decide to invest in.Second, we can create new initiatives and programs to draw specific interest from the startups that align with your fund. In this way, we don’t just provide you chance dealflow - we make a concerted effort to find what the startups you need.

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Strike a strategic partnership that makes a difference

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