Portfolio Spotlight: Shoplinks

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Startup: Shoplinks

Vertical: Retailtech

Market: Philippines

SDG: SDG 8 & 9

Female Founder: Yes

Fundraising: Raising $550,000 of which $320,000 is already committed.

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Shoplinks helps the largest supermarkets in South-East Asia monetize their transaction and loyalty data by delivering personalized promotions to shoppers through chat or apps for consumer brands, tripling their ROI.

What problem is Shoplinks solving? 

I was working with P&G for 17 years and as Head of Retail & Analytics which was my last role, I was faced with the issue of having all the promotions that we deploy to the retailers come back with poor ROI, and when I tried to approach the retailers to try and get the data to help solve the problem, I was not able to get it. It took them weeks to get that [data] because of the lack of access they essentially have to this data. Even if it’s accessible it cannot be used for analytics. This is resulting in low ROI. 

We’re solving this issue by making data much more accessible and usable to drive personalized promotions that are delivered to shoppers through various channels.

What products does Shoplinks offer? 

We offer end-to-end retail solutions that provide personalization and ROI for brands. The ability for the retailer to access the data to be able to leverage that for machine learning and personalization will then allow us to send campaigns targeted to specific shoppers and specific times through various channels like Whatsapp, SMS, Messenger, or retailers’ own app.

We do also offer opportunities for retailers to continuously acquire shoppers and enrich their data in order to eventually monetize it. 

What countries does Shoplinks currently operate in? What is your market reach?  

We operate across Southeast Asian retailers, from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We focus primarily on the largest retailers who we think are prime and ready for this solution, the ones with the most need and the ones who we think have been attempting to build this solution in one form or another, and so we don't differentiate by geography within Asia; we differentiate by readiness. 

We know that we have so much more potential across Southeast Asia in different segments of the market. 

What is Shoplinks current traction to date? 

From a Shoplinks structure standpoint, we’ve onboarded some of the largest brands and retailers in the region, including 7-eleven, Giant Dairy Farm, P&G, Unilever, J&J, and FrieslandCampina, and we have been in talks with many more for the last couple of years. 

We spent our efforts on building the product that is able to drive three times the ROI and up to 25% growth in sales of the promoted products under a platform. Through our platform, we’ve been able to achieve that, and as a result, we have been able to onboard some of these large retailers, which would have the ability to potentially earn us as much as 1-2 million dollars of net revenue per year.

Is Shoplinks currently fundraising, how much? 

Shoplinks is actually almost closing its Seed extension round, so we’re raising $550,000 of which $320,000 is already committed. It is still open for the next 8 weeks to avail of the same terms as the first tranch.

Where can our audience learn more about Shoplinks?

To learn more about us, please head on to our LinkedIn and find Shoplinks or to our website https://www.shoplinks.co/ or send us an email at hello@shoplinks.co.

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