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It’s widely known that the majority of venture money still goes to startups that have no women on their founding team. According to PitchBook’s latest report, in the US, while there was a 13% increase in VC funding to startups overall, the amount that went to female founders was less than in 2019 - only 2.2 percent of venture capital investment was directed to female-only founding teams (down from 2.6% in 2019) with just 12 percent invested into male and female founding teams.

At Accelerating Asia, so far we’re bucking the trend with 40 percent female-led ventures - 4 times the amount the average venture fund. We’d like to keep growing this number and invest in more female founders, ladies please join the waitlist for our next cohort - we’re looking for you!

For International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a light on just that - the products and solutions they are developing across the region, their current traction and the businesses these awesome founders are building.

Introducing TalentTribe from Singapore

About TalentTribe

Stephenie Pang and Sharon Yeo

Home market



Virtual Recruiter

Powered by our data & virtual algorithm. Save time sourcing & screening candidates. Virtual Recruiter recommends suitable candidates and gets you to a better match in a faster time.

30,000+ jobseekers use our platform every month to get ahead in their career. Every interaction they take translates into data that helps us understand them — better than any recruitment consultant. It’s this insightful data that we use to recommend you candidates, instead of just what's on their CV.

Recruitment Solutions

Amplify your reach to more high potential jobseekers. Not just on the TalentTribe platform, but also 130,000+ jobseekers in our communities on Telegram, LinkedIn and Career Newsletter.

Employer Branding Solutions

Suite of employer branding solutions to help employers actively grow their talent pipeline and help more jobseekers gain a deep insight of what it is like to work there. We are specialists in employer branding and millennial recruitment and worked with companies including Singtel, Sephora, Philips, Changi Airport Group, BreadTalk to showcase their employer brand stories.


TalentTribe currently has an active user base of 30,000+ monthly active jobseekers and 1000+ employers hiring on TalentTribe, within 1 year of launch.

80% of our jobseekers are Singaporeans, with a large proportion of them being early-career jobseekers in Singapore ranging from fresh graduates to working professionals with 1-6 years of experience.

There are also have 2 upcoming key partnerships – one with a China-listed company, and another with one of the Big 4 consulting firms and the government sector.

TalentTribe’s new revenue channels from paid recruitment solutions – Virtual Recruiter and Recruitment Solutions are showing good early traction, and we have been able to bring forward the launch of these new revenue channels by 9 months.

On the jobseeker front, TalentTribe also doubled down on growth channels that we've cracked, for this job search season. TalentTribe has also developed practical, evergreen career resources, including Ultimate List of Internship Programmes. This lead magnet alone garnered 130,000+ organic reach within 2 weeks, and is one of the many channels bringing us continuous organic traffic.

Our core team has also expanded to 9 full-timers across Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, since the start of 2020.

Current Asks

Introductions to VCs with suitable portfolio startups

One of the core employer profiles we are targeting are startups in the seed to series C stage. We're looking to connect with VCs or accelerators who would find it useful to share our Virtual Recruiter and recruitment solutions with their portfolio startups (seed stage onwards), to turbo-charge their hiring. Introductions would be much appreciated!

Introductions to companies who are hiring or interested in employer branding solutions to actively grow their talent pipeline

If you know any companies who are hiring, we'd love to have a chat and see how we can help in their 2021 talent acquisition priorities.

Request an introduction to Talent Tribe

Startup Spotlights

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