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At Accelerating Asia, we get to work with exceptional Founders and startups from across Southeast and South Asia including female-led ventures. Actually, 40 percent of our startups are female-led ventures - 4 times the amount the average venture fund.

We’ve invested in female-only founding teams, male and female founding teams and teams delivering solutions for women. We’d like to keep growing this number and invest in more female founders, ladies please join the waitlist for our next cohort - we’re looking for you!

And, while we support our female founders and the great companies they are building every day of the year, for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a light on just that - the products and solutions they are developing across the region, their current traction and the businesses these rockstar founders are building.

Introducing MyBrand

Louise Lautan
Vernandy Chang

Home market

Food eCommerce


MyBrand is a food social marketplace that supports online culinary businesses, mainly home-based and cloud-kitchen food brands in reaching out to public and critical mass.

Today, these businesses are actively selling through social media only. MyBrand is the platform to aggregate them and make their business transactions smoother and easier.

Through technology, MyBrand supports this community in creating products and brands suited for mass consumption.


Currently, MyBrand is present in 7 cities in Indonesia like Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) , Medan & Surabaya and the team are working to enter 5-8 more second-tier cities in Indonesia in 2021.

Right now we have 3.5k quality partners and counting.

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Portfolio Companies

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Startup Spotlights

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