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At Accelerating Asia, we get to work with exceptional Founders and startups from across Southeast and South Asia including female-led ventures. Actually, 40 percent of our startups are female-led ventures - 4 times the amount the average venture fund. We’d like to keep growing this number and invest in more female founders, ladies please join the waitlist for our next cohort - we’re looking for you!

And, while we support our female founders and the great companies they are building every day of the year, during March, we wanted to showcase the products and solutions they are developing across the region, their current traction and the businesses these founders are building.

Introducing Joni.ai

Hazel Wei

Home market



Joni.AI helps students to prepare for school exams with personalised questions and learning materials. The team has recently revamped Joni.Ai app with a new and improved U/ UX after listening to user’s feedback, try out the new version here.

Joni has also recently launched Joni.mentor a smart study plan that consolidates revision materials for students and helps parents to become involved with student’s learning easily. Find out more.


Joni currently serves over 16,000 students around Southeast Asia.


The team at Joni.ai are currently actively looking for beta testers for Joni.Mentor. Sign up here

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Portfolio Companies

Learn more about our female-led portfolio companies Priyoshop,  MyBrand, TalentTribe and Romoni.

Startup Spotlights

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