Meet our Junior Program Manager: Winnie Toh

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Where is your hometown?

Born and raised in Singapore!

Tell us about yourself?

Hi everyone! I am Winnie. Prior to Accelerating Asia, I held a customer success and engagement role at an EdTech startup. I executed virtual events, corporate communications and technical account management. It was also where I started becoming curious about the startup ecosystem, and wanted to delve deeper into learning all about it.

Outside of work, I am 100% fuelled by good books, music and films. I also love exploring all things “woo-woo” such as spirituality and holistic medicine.

What is one thing that people might be surprised to learn about you?

I dream frequently and vividly. In fact, since 2016, I have been keeping a dream journal to record the ones that I do remember. I feel like dreams are a way for your subconscious mind to speak to you, and then some. #CarlJung

What are you currently reading or watching?

Current reads include: Virginia Woolf’s The Waves and Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. The former is an experimental novel — a series of soliloquies capturing its characters’ inner thoughts and emotions through the passage of time, while the latter is on Yogananda's spiritual life and his notion of self-realization.

Any advice for students or grads looking to get into the startup ecosystem?

The best advice I can give is: you never know if you never try! The unknown can be daunting and the learning curve steep, yet it can lead to self-betterment in an unexpected way.

Opportunity & Why Accelerating Asia
What most excites you about joining the Accelerating Asia team?

Startups are innovative, disruptive and have historically proven their capability to be more than revolutionary. There is still tons of untapped potential when it comes to startups in Asia, and I am super stoked to be able to support their growth through my role at Accelerating Asia.

In your role as Junior Program Manager, what are you looking forward to doing or learning?

Running the various programs will require me to work with multiple stakeholders including various founders, mentors, and of course the Accelerating Asia team! By honing fundamental skill sets when it comes to stakeholder and program management, I aim to be able to execute successful programs for all parties involved.

What will be a focus in your role as Junior Program Manager?

I will lead the execution of Accelerating Asia’s flagship accelerator program, ensuring that it runs smoothly for everyone. Another key focus is overseeing our team’s community-building efforts.

Why do you enjoy working with startups?

Having worked in a startup prior, I have witnessed first-hand how infectious a founder’s passion for their product can be. Startup founders believe in their product more than anyone else, and are willing to embrace high-risk, unconventional paths to achieve success. This is a trait in which I highly admire, and am glad to have a chance to contribute to their growth.

Why did you decide to join the Accelerating Asia Team?

The vision of Accelerating Asia invigorates me, and aligns with my personal values. When it comes to Sustainable Development Goals, Accelerating Asia does not simply talk the talk, they walk the walk too. The diversity of past cohorts who participated in Accelerating Asia’s programs are testaments to their commitment to change.

Besides, the Accelerating Asia team is a formidable team with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and extensive networks. I am excited to work alongside these talented individuals and interact with founders and mentors across our network.


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