Portfolio Spotlight: Kooky

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Startup: Kooky

Vertical: Entertainment

Market: South Korea


Female Founder: Yes

Fundraising: $750,000 and $250,000 has already been committed

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Kooky.io is an entertainment platform where superfans meet K pop artists by turning their passion into active support that helps to grow their favorite artists.

What problem does Kooky solve?

Kooky focuses on monetization for artists’ problems. I was an artist in the K-pop industry. My music was streamed over 1 million times, but I only received about $200. But my friends were incredible—they were always ready to do more than post a comment or hit the play button. So this experience greatly inspired me to design Kooky. After thinking, how can artists grow their international fans while also making a profit?

What products does Kooky offer?

Kooky offers an application and a website, so that international fans, who are over 90% of the K-pop fan base, can also get access to K-pop stars and also discover emerging K-pop artists, so that emerging K-pop artists who want to get in front of a global audience can meet their fans easily so that they can grow their fan base, and also they can have more interactions. We currently have about 600,000 fans from all over the world, from more than 150 countries, so that they can have their own enclosed space for meeting their fans and also their stars. 

What is the current market for Kooky and the market potential?

Our current market is very focused on the K-pop area, so that's the K-pop artists and their international fans. But we have scalable plans for international artists who want to grow their cross-border fan base. So in 3 years, we want to expand our artists to Asia and also for global artists.

What is Kooky’s revenue/business model? 

Kooky's business model provides for both B2C and B2B.

For the B2C business model, artists can sell their content directly to their most loyal fans and they can sell their merchandise internationally. We also sell concert tickets for online and offline concerts.

For the B2B business, we are collecting the architecture database for targeting the exact fan base so that we can sell the data to companies who want to target the K-pop fan base. We have partnerships with Korean artists with the company who want to get K-pop artists for advertisement.

Is Kooky currently fundraising, how much?

Kooky is now fundraising for our Bridge round. We are now fundraising for $750,000, and $250,000 has already been committed by Korea, Singapore, and the US. So now we are looking for the rest of it, and we will close in four weeks. We will use the capital to expand our business, especially in the Indonesian and Thai markets.

Where can our audience learn more about Kooky?

Kooky can be found very easily; we have an application in the App Store and Play Store, so you can just download Kooky right now. We have a website, https://kooky.io/ where you can sign up and participate in very interesting and exciting activities regarding K-pop. Also, we have Twitter and Facebook accounts that you can visit and share the content we are uploading every day.

Startup Spotlights

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