We're hiring for an Entrepreneur In Residence - FILLED!
Job description

Accelerating Asia is launching several new accelerator programs in Singapore and we are looking for a full-time Entrepreneur in Residence to help our founders make their visions reality.

The ideal candidate:

You have been a founder. You have built a product and put it in front of users. You’ve inspired investors to give you investment capital.  Ideally, you’ve raised a Seed round and Series A.  No negative points if your startup eventually failed (in fact, that’s often a plus). You know what it’s like to hustle and deal with constant “chicken and egg” situations. You have connections to valuable mentors, other startup founders, investors, etc. in ASEAN and beyond. Most importantly, you believe that founders are one of humanity’s greatest catalysts for positive change in this world. Ideally, you have a background in smart city applications, but it is not required.

The Role:

In this role you will be the main point of contact for startups and run the founder’s day to day experience in the program, which means you will:

  • Run the weekly Agile “standup”
  • Have weekly “1 on 1s” with each startup, giving them valuable mentorship and follow-ups to accelerate their business
  • Co-manage the masterclass schedule with the Accelerating Asia program manager
  • Run the Open House pitch events
  • Be the founder liason for the international trip

In this role you will work together with the Operations and Program Support Manager on a co-equal level to ensure maximum value is given to the participating startups. You will both report to the executives and co-founders of Accelerating Asia as the top-line management of the program and will get substantial support from the greater Accelerating Asia ecosystem.

It’s important that you honestly want to help other founders succeed; please don’t apply if you are simply looking for a gig between your next thing, unless you can give at least a year of honest and focused support to these founders who need your help to reach the next level in their businesses.

This is a full-time position, although you may work on your own projects as long as they don’t interfere with the program needs.  

What We Offer

We offer a flexible and casual work environment. Be prepared to join evening events as well as work on the weekends under special circumstances. We are a fast-paced team. Expect to learn new things everyday as you interact with startups solving big problems with cutting-edge technology. We also host many events so you’ll meet amazing people from various backgrounds in investment, startups, corporate and government. We offer competitive remuneration and medical insurance.


Applications will be received on an ongoing basis until the role is filled. Please apply by sending your resume to hello@acceleratingasia.com. Include why you are applying to the EIR position and Accelerating Asia. We’re looking forward to receiving your application!