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Full Time
Job description

Accelerating Asia is looking for our next rockstar Program Manager! We realize that Program Managers are a lot like Unicorns (there’s a less than 2.5% chance of finding them). But we’re in the business of finding Unicorns, so we’re pretty sure that our next Program Manager is out there somewhere, and that we can find them. 

What is the role?

Program Managers are the machines behind the engine. They make stuff happen and nobody knows how. Ok, we do know how. But we realize it’s often an underappreciated combination of skill sets so we have a BIG appreciation for Program Managers at Accelerating Asia and all of the work that they do. A Program Manager is part ops ninja and client whisperer, you have an appreciation for the finer details of what makes a good event or project work and are a natural community builder; basically, you know how to throw the party of the year AND are the host/hostess with the most/mostest. 

Note: This role is based out of our Singapore HQ so only candidates who are currently based in Singapore will be considered


What are the responsibilities?

This is a multifaceted role and we’re looking for someone who has the following skill sets that they can back up with real-world experience:

  • Project Management: The Program Manager role coordinates all aspects of the programs that Accelerating Asia runs for clients and for our flagship startup accelerator program. This means ensuring that timelines across programs are running smoothly, that all stakeholders are adequately informed, budgets stay on track and that all potential scenarios and contingencies are planned for.
  • Community Management: Community is at the heart of what we do at Accelerating Asia. Our startups would not be able to succeed without the support of mentors, investors, ecosystem partners and more. All of our activities with our programs touch our community in some way and so you need to be a natural networker, a comfortable presenter and someone who likes to bring people together. 
  • Event Management: The best way to engage our community around the region is through events. We run virtual, in-person and hybrid events for all of our programs. They can be intimate sessions with a small group, retreats with founders in our portfolio, or demo days with hundreds of attendees. Accelerating Asia’s “secret sauce” is being able to create opportunities for our community to engage with each other through events so that magic can happen.
  • Stakeholder Management: This role will work closely with clients such as governments, multinationals, NGOs and universities who run startup programs with Accelerating Asia. As such, it’s important that you are able to advocate for your team and the work that you can deliver, while also keeping in mind client and stakeholder needs.
  • Team Management: This is a mid-senior role at Accelerating Asia and you will have 2 direct reports so your ability to create an awesome work environment for your team is really important. As a member of Accelerating Asia’s small leadership team, you will work closely with the Founders and other team members in our small (but growing!), fast-paced team. This role is at the intersection of everything we do at Accelerating Asia but we are a lean team, so we're looking for someone who is comfortable working at a strategic level and also rolling up their sleeves to get stuff done.

Skill Sets that would be help you in your role

  • Excel, Notion, ActiveCampaign and Zapier are your best friends and you love digital tools to make your life easier. We’re all about using software and automations so we can focus on the important stuff. 
  • An ability to communicate well and effectively with team members and stakeholders is a must. You have a lot of different people that you need to work with and keep up to date so things run smoothly
  • Your ability to multitask and effectively prioritize the different programs and responsibilities you are responsible for will be a massive advantage.

What we can offer you

  • Unlimited leave - yup, you read that correctly. We don’t track leave and encourage you to manage your own schedule and take time off when you need it
  • Flexi Fridays - we try to have at least 1 meeting-free day for the whole team per week
  • Insurance - we’ll cover your health and travel insurance (including personal travel) 
  • Flexible working/ Work from home - when we’re not required to be at in person events or program activities, most of the Accelerating Asia team work from home, the office, the pool, or wherever they need to be to get their creative juices flowing
  • Tech/WFH budget - to make your life on the go as convenient as possible
  • Executive coaching & personal development - as a mid-senior member of the team, you will have access to an annual budget to develop your leadership skills
  • Team Retreats - every 6 months we get together as a regional team to refocus and align our strategy, then we eat good food, drink good drinks, and chill out.
  • Mission bonuses & ESOP - to make sure we’re all aligned and have ownership over the success of Accelerating Asia
  • Opportunity to grow with us - we know everyone says that there are opportunities to grow with the organization, but we mean it. We’ve got big plans and for the right person, we have a seat for you on the rocket ship right next to us.

Why you wouldn’t take this job

We’ll be honest, this isn’t the job for everyone. So we’ll be upfront about some potential reasons why you might not be a good fit:

  • We’re a small team. This means that everyone needs to roll up their sleeves and get things done. But this is also a strategic role. So we’re looking for someone who can do both. You need to have an attention to detail and be able to look at the big picture
  • The working hours. Events happen throughout the week which means working hours aren’t standard. While we try to organize most of our events from Mon-Thurs, ending at 8pm, sometimes this is hard to do
  • You’re not a natural people-person. This role is ALL about people. So if you get drained quickly from being around people, this is going to be a hard job for you.
  • You’re uncomfortable operating in vague situations. This role turns ideas into action so we’re looking for someone who can ask the right questions and make hard decisions. 

Our Values

  • Straight-talking: No-BS, we’re a straight-talking team, some people might find us blunt but we prefer the term honest. We’ll speak our mind, give you direct feedback (always with good intent, solution driven, and always coming from a good place).
  • Integrity: We try to do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing, always
  • Radical responsibility: We take 100% responsibility for our work
  • Solution driven: We are driven to promote positive impact to society, solutions we provide and the team.
  • Adaptive: chameleon-like DNA. We work smart, break the speed limit to fail fast (on some days, and it is okay), adapt and move creative solutions to motion.
  • Performance: we deliver for the founders & investors who choose us to partner with

How to apply

Applications will be received on an ongoing basis until the role is filled. 

  1. Go to this link to submit your application
  2. For Job Title, state “Program Manager with Superpowers”
  3. Upload a copy of your resume 
  4. Upload an image of your favorite startup joke or meme

About Accelerating Asia 

Accelerating Asia is a Singapore based venture capital fund and award-winning startup accelerator. At Accelerating Asia we are driven by helping people succeed. We work with our partners and startups to unlock potential and deliver high impact solutions by providing access to the tools, resources, and networks to accelerate growth. 

Our flagship program targets pre-series A startups and the venture capital fund invests in high-potential, high-growth enterprises to take them to the next level. Through strategic partnerships with multinationals, governments, development organizations and education institutions, we support better engagement with startups and more effective implementation of new technologies. At the core of the work we do is the guiding belief that entrepreneurs are humanity’s greatest catalysts for positive change.